Us < Horror Movie>

Us < Horror Movie>

Us ou Nous au Québec is an American horror film written, produced and directed by Jordan Peele, released in 2019
Gabe and Adelaide Wilson travel with their two children to their vacation homes to spend time with their friends, the Tyler. But their quiet stay becomes a nightmare when they are terrorized by a bunch of strangers who are none other than their doppelgängers.
In 1986, the young Adelaide Wilson (born Thomas) goes on vacation with her parents in Santa Cruz. At the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk amusement park beach, Adelaide walks away and enters the laughing palace where she meets a doppelgänger in the ice gallery. Adelaide then found her parents, but, traumatized, she was unable to talk about her experience.
Now an adult, Adelaide goes to her family’s holiday home in Santa Cruz with her husband, Gabe Wilson, and their two children, Zora and Jason. Adelaide, remembering the traumatic incident of her youth, feared the trip and Gabe, eager to impress her friends Josh and Kitty Tyler, bought a boat and allayed Adelaide’s concerns. Jason walks away and sees a man in a red suit standing alone on the beach with his arms outstretched and blood dripping from his hands. He doesn’t tell his family, but soon afterwards draws the man
Later in the night, a strange family of four appears in the alley of the villa. Gabe tries to intimidate them but they attack him and enter the house, breaking his leg. The Wilson realise that the four intruders are duplicates of themselves, led by Adelaide, Red, the only doppelganger able to speak. In a tense and hoarse voice, she tells the Wilson’s the story of a girl who leads a happy life while her shadow suffers, which allows her to develop a deep hatred for her. The family is then separated: Red forces Adelaide to handcuff himself at a table, Zora is chased by Umbrae out of the house, Gabe is dragged out by Abraham and Jason is invited to “play” with Pluto in a closet.
While she chases Zora, Umbrae is interrupted by a neighbor out to investigate the screams.Umbrae stabs him with a pair of gold scissors and Zora escapes. Gabe wakes up locked in a bag on the deck of his boat driven by his doppelgänger. After a brief fight in the water, he managed to kill Abraham with the faulty engine of his boat.

Jason discovers that Pluto imitates his movements almost identical then distracts him with a magic trick and escapes, locking him in the closet. Red hears Pluto’s cries, and Adelaide has time to pull the cuffs off the table, but her hands remain handcuffed. The family regroups and escapes on Gabe’s boat under the gaze of Pluto and Red.
The family gets together and goes in the ambulance. As she leaves town, Adelaide rethinks the night she first met Red at the entertainment center. It is then revealed that her double took Adelaide to the underground installation and chained her to the bed. She then put on Adelaide’s t-shirt and threw herself into her life to replace her by leaving Adelaide in the underground, which means that Red is actually the real Adelaide, while the surviving Adelaide is actually her double, and that is why she suddenly became unable to speak after being “lost” in the palace of the ice, because the connected ones do not know speech. Jason watches her with apprehension, while across the United States, the connections join hands


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