The Magicians;

The Magicians;

The Magicians, or Les Magiciens au Québec, is a fantastic American television series created by Sera Gamble (en) and John McNamara, whose pilot was broadcast on 16 December 2015 and the rest on 25 January 2016 on Syfy and simultaneous on Showcase in Canada. It is based on the novel Les Magiciens (en) by Lev Grossman.
In France, Belgium and Switzerland the series has been broadcast since October 4, 2016 on Syfy France and in Quebec, as of February 15, 20175 on MusiquePlus
Quentin Coldwater, a young adult on the fringes of the world, has been drawn to magic since childhood. He takes refuge in reading his favourite Fillory novels and stays in a psychiatric hospital. He discovers that he is a magician.Invited to take admission tests in the company of his friend Julia, he is admitted to Brakebills, a university protected from the rest of the world that secretly trains future magicians.

Quentin will, with the help of her new friends Alice, Penny, Margo and Elliot, enter into a story beyond him. Evil forces will fall on them. He will be able to get out of certain situations thanks to his knowledge of the novels of his childhood.Meanwhile, Julia, who failed Brakebills’ admission tests, finds the memory that had been erased. She will not cease to want to learn magic by following her own path. A dark and dangerous path that could lead her to her loss…
The project started in April 2014, based on Lev Grossman’s novel Les Magiciens (en). The driver was commissioned in July 2014, to be directed by Mike Cahill.
The cast began in November 2014 in this order: Stella Maeve (Chicago PD), Hale Appleman (Teeth) and Arjun Gupta (Nurse Jackie), Jason Ralph (Aquarius), sosie Bacon (in the role of Alice) and Summer Bishil (in). The shoot took place in New Orleans, Louisiana.


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