The Incredibles 2

The Incredibles 2

The Incredibles 2 au Québec (Incredibles 2) is an animated American superhero film written and directed by Brad Bird, released in 2018. Produced by Pixar Animation Studios for Walt Disney Pictures, this is the sequel to indestructibles ;
Three months after the defeat of Syndrome in the previous film, the Parr family – Bob, Hélène, Violette, Flèche and Jack-Jack – continue to operate under their identity as the indestructible superhero. The film starts from the last moments of the previous film, when the indestructible tried to prevent the demolitioner from stripping the bank of Metroville. The incident was unsuccessful, and authorities were concerned about the extent of the damage caused by the incident.As a result, Rick Dicker informs the Parr family that his department’s Super Relocation program is being closed, forcing supers around the world to take full responsibility at all times and forget their secret identities.Before leaving, he puts them in a hotel for two weeks. Bob and Hélène, as well as Lucius Best – the superhero Frozone – are contacted by Winston Deavor, a superhero fan, philanthropist and telecommunications magnate and owner of DEVTECH, that offers them a publicity stunt to regain public support for superheroes
To fulfill this mission, he invites Elastigirl to defy the ban on acting as a superhero while filming all of her heroic acts, deeming her less destructive than Frozone or Mr. indestructible. As part of this plan, Winston provided the family with a villa, in which Bob took care of the children during Hélène’s absence. Meanwhile, Bob discovers Jack-Jack’s powers and has trouble controlling them. In search of help, Bob takes Jack-Jack to Edna Mode, a family friend and designer of superhero costumes. First she refuses to take care of the child until she sees the baby’s superpowers in awe. Bob is also trying to deal with Violette’s behavior, who is having a hard time with Rick Dicker erasing her lover’s memory and blaming his father for it because he informed Rick that he knew Violette’s identity. During this time, on a mission, Hélène faces a mysterious enemy nicknamed the hypnotist – who diverts the screens to project hypnotic images in order to wash the mind and control the civilians – and realizes a first feat by saving a Maglev in peril.

After rescuing an ambassador from her clutches, Hélène manages to capture the hypnotist, but the latter claims not to remember what he did and reveals to be only a pizza delivery man. As the magnate and his collaborators celebrate the defeat of the hypnotist at DEVTECH headquarters, Hélène continues her investigation and realizes that the man was in fact controlled by Hypno-screens present in his glasses. When she reveals her discoveries to Winston’s sister, Evelyn Deavor, the latter surprises her with the hypnotic glasses. Evelyn proves to be the hypnotist, considering the supers as a threat to the independence of humanity and seeking to thwart the mission of public reconquest led by her brother. Acting in the shadows, she plans to brainwash the world’s leaders so they can’t re-legalize the work of superheroes as such, as well as wash the work of Super-heroesheroes so that they commit crimes to permanently deprive themselves of any chance to become legal one day. Evelyn manages to lure Bob into a trap, while Lucius is overwhelmed and defeated by other hypnotized supers as he tries to escape with the Parr children
Avoiding the same fate as their parents, Lucius and the other superheroes, Arrow, Violet and Jack-Jack (that Edna had equipped with a super combination adapted to his powers), sneaking aboard the yacht of the Deavors to save their parents, as world leaders gather to sign a declaration of legalization of superheroism. On board, Hélène, Lucius and Bob, still under hypnotic control, recite a vindictive manifesto on the air proclaiming the supers as a public threat, before they are released from Evelyn’s control by the children. A battle on the boat ensued, threatening to crush the ship on the New Urbem district. However, the group of superheroes, freed from their psychic hold, managed to stop her, while Hélène apprehended Evelyn when she tried to escape. After the incident, superheroes can once again exercise legally, while Evelyn is arrested


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