Zootopie (Zootopia) is the 135th animated feature and 55th animated classic by Disney studios directed by Byron Howard and Rich Moore. Completely realized in synthetic images, the film is a police comedy and a buddy movie released in theatres in 2016. It tells the story of the optimist and fearless rabbit Judy Hopps, lieutenant and new recruit of the Zootopia police force, city exclusively populated by anthropomorphic mammals, where she seeks to prove herself by investigating the disappearance of an otter with the help of the crooked fox Nick Wilde.In the United States, its production country, the film is acclaimed by the critics, praising the animation, the actors’ play giving their voice to the characters as well as the script;It highlights the topicality of the themes covered by the film, such as prejudice, discrimination (positive and negative), racism and stereotypes

Zootopie is also the fourth animated film in the history of cinema to pass the billion dollars in revenues to the world box office

Zootopia is a cosmopolitan city where only mammals live and where each species cohabits with the others; whether you are a predator or a prey, everyone is accepted in Zootopia. Judy Hopps is a nine-year-old rabbit who lives in the country with her parents. While all members of her family are farmers, Judy announces during her school show that she wants to live in Zootopia the big city and become a police officer, which frightens his parents who consider this job too dangerous for a rabbit. As she exited the show, Judy intervened to see Gideon Grey, a rogue fox, racking up her comrades.Gideon reacted violently, scratching Judy’s cheek, and mocked her dream of becoming a cop bunny before she left. Judy comes out traumatized, but even more determined to fight crime.
Fifteen years later, Judy joined the police academy through a positive discrimination program put in place by the mayor of Zootopie, but struggled with the challenges. Despite her difficulties, she persevered and eventually triumphed using her cunning and agility. As a major of her class, she was appointed lieutenant at Zootopie’s central police station by Mayor Leodore Lionheart (a lion) and her assistant, Miss Bellwether (a sheep). After saying goodbye to her family, she takes the train to Zootopie.She moves into a crappy downtown apartment, starts her shift the next day. Upon his arrival, Chief Bogo (a buffalo) openly despises her and assigns her to parking as a contractor, while the big arms (elephants, rhinoceroses, lions, tigers, bears, etc.) have the right to investigate the case of the moment: Fourteen citizens, all predatory animals, have mysteriously disappeared.
During her tour, Judy follows a suspect fox, Nick Wilde, to a glacier. She sees him wanting to buy his son’s birthday ice cream for elephants who refuse to serve a fox.Outraged by this discriminatory treatment, Judy intervened and offered ice cream to the boy herself before resuming her service.Later, she recreates the two individuals and realizes that she was rolled: Wilde and his pseudo-son, who is actually a Fennec, melted the huge elephant ice cream and turned it into dozens of small ice creams that they sold, making a huge profit margin. After Fennec’s departure, Judy accuses Wilde of lying to him and threatens to arrest him; but the latter, cunning, shows him that his operation, though dishonest, remains within the framework of the law, and mocks his naivety by revealing to him that, despite appearances, prejudice and discrimination are indeed present in Zootopia. After assuming she’ll never be a real cop, Wilde leaves, leaving behind a demoralized Judy. When she returned home, she received a call from her parents, who let their relief burst when they learned that she was only a contract worker, the least dangerous position, which ended up killing her.


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