Vaiana ;The Legend Of The End Of The World.

Vaiana ;The Legend Of The End Of The World.

vaiana the legend of the end of the world The goddess Te Fiti possesses the power to create life thanks to its heart. However, the heart is very desired and one day Maui, demigod of the wind and the sea, seizes it and lets the devil Te Ka spread the chaos! To finish, the heart and the magic fishhook of Maui find themselves lost at sea because of the devil, the latter also desiring the heart. Since then, the devil stays on the barrier of the island of Te Fiti.

Thousand years later, the ocean chooses Vaiana, another child, to restore the heart of the goddess. Vaiana grows up by being stuck between her desire to leave to the wide, to the big despair of his father, and that to stay with his. It is only when his grandmother Tala dies and puts back him the heart, when she had recovered when Vaiana child had met the ocean, that the heroin goes

The first name chosen for heroin and used in the original American version is Moana, which means “ocean, deep sea or large body of water” in maori. But Disney announced in October 2015 that because of a trademark dispute, due to the fact that «Moana» already exists in the trade register by a perfumery company in several European countries, the title of the film and the name of the heroine will be in the majority of European countries «Vaiana». The alternative name of the heroine, Vaiana, is a name of Tahitian origin that can be translated as “rock water” (short for “Vai ana o te Mato teitei” which means “water from the cave of the high rock”). The character could be from Samoa or Futuna, Tonga, Tokelau. His mother, Sina, has a name pronounced Hina in Tahitian. Indeed, the alveolar fricative consonant [s] is found in the western sphere of Polynesia, with the exception of Niue. In Gilbertin, Tina, pronounced Sina, also means mother.




Grandmother of Vaiana and mother of the village chief, she practices ritual dances and keeps the memory of the people. Only to recognize Vaiana’s destiny, she will support her to the end. She will reincarnate as a manta ray and follow Vaiana during her adventure



Maui is a human who was abandoned at birth. The gods, finding this fate unjust, turn Maui into a half-god and make him a gigantic hook with magical powers. His desire to love and please humans drives him to steal the heart of nature’s goddess Te Fiti in order to give men everything they need (“fire, islands and coconuts”). However, its action causes misfortune and destruction of the oceans and forests. Maui is isolated on a deserted island and deprived of its magic hook. It is when Vaiana comes to seek him that he is delivered.



Maui is stubborn, strong, cunning and full of himself. But Vaiana sees in him a person in need of love. Maui is represented by a very imposing body to show his power and his half-god status. His body is covered with tattoos, which appear when he performs an exploit. On some occasions, her tattoos come to life, giving the opportunity



The ocean represents the universe of islands but is also an entity. Vaiana will be chosen and protected by the ocean to restore the heart.



Giant crab living in the world of sea monsters, he collects on his back golden objects and treasures to gain importance. One of them is Maui’s hook, lost in his fight with Te Ka


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