The Princess and the Frog

The Princess and the Frog

The Princess and the Frog, is the 115th animated feature film and the 49th animated classic from Disney Studios. Released in 2009, it is very freely inspired by the book The Frog Princess by E. D. Baker (en), itself a variant of the tale Le Roi Grenouille or Henri de Fer, collected by the brothers Grimm, but not to be confused with the Russian tale The Princess-Frog.

In New Orleans, in the 1920s, Prince Naveen of Maldonia was transformed into a frog by the facial doctor, a terrifying voodoo warlock, using black magic. In order to regain his human form with the help of a kiss, the young prince Naveen decides to find a princess, whom he hopes to find at the feast of Charlotte, a rich friend of Tiana, to which he was invited. He finds Tiana, who works day and night as a waitress to realize her dream, which she shares with James, her deceased father, who disappeared before her adulthood: to open a luxury restaurant. However it does not have the means, coming from the popular social class.

By agreeing to kiss the young Prince Naveen, Tiana is also transformed into a frog. They both decided to go to the bayous of Louisiana in search of Mama Odie, a 197-year-old blind voodoo priestess, who would have the power to break the spell. In this adventure they will be helped by Louis, an alligator trumpeter as well as by Ray, a firefly desperately romantic and crazy of love for a certain Evangeline. However the doctor facilier is looking for Prince Naveen to maintain the spell, but misses his blow and the dark creatures take him with them. Tiana and Naveen therefore accept their fate and marry as frogs, but as Naveen is a prince, Tiana becomes a princess which allows the prince to break the curse and they become human again.

Tiana can therefore realize her dream with the financial help of Charlotte and Prince Naveen, who is madly in love with the young woman. He proposes and Tiana agrees.

Original title: The Princess and the Frog
French title: La Princesse et la Grenouille
Director: John Musker and Ron Clements
Screenplay: John Musker et Ron Clements d’après E. D. Baker et des Frères Grimm
Music: Randy Newman
Production: Peter Del Vecho; John Lasseter (Executive)
Production company: Walt Disney Pictures
Distribution company: Walt Disney Pictures
Budget: USD3 105 million
Country of origin: United States flag
Language of origin: English
Release Date: United States flag: December 11, 2009

The film operation in the United States brings in $104,400,899 (approximately 13,900,000 entries). Its operation in France brings in 3,840,221 entries. In total, La Princesse et la Grenouille brings in $267,485,336 worldwide. The film, which cost $105 million, is therefore a financial success.

Annie Awards 2010 (Best character animation), Best animated effects, Best vocal, performance for cinema (Jennifer Cody)

Golden Globes 2010: Best Animation Film
Annie Awards 2010: Best Animation Film
Best decors, Best vocal performance for cinema (for Jennifer Lewis)
Oscars 2010: Best Animation Film, Best song for Down in New Orleans, Best song for Almost There


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