The Blacklist;

The Blacklist;

The Blacklist or La liste noire au Québec, is an American television series created by Jon Bokenkamp and broadcast since September 23, 20132 on the NBC network and simultaneous in Canada on the Global3 network (Citytv for the fifth season only). In Switzerland, it has been broadcast since 20 July 2014 on RTS Un for the first two seasons,5 then on RTS Deux, in Belgium since 19 August 2014 on RTL-TVI6, in France since 27 August 2014 on TF17 under the title Blacklist, then from 22 November 2016 on Club8 Series. In Quebec, the series has been broadcast since January 22, 2015 on the TVA9 network.It led to a spin-off called The Blacklist: Redemption, which focuses on Tom Keen’s character.
Main actors
James Spader (VF: Pierre-François Pistorio): Raymond «Red» Reddington (since season 1)
Megan Boone (VF: Laura Blanc): Elizabeth Keen/ Masha Rostova, called «Liz» (sinceseason1)
Diego Klattenhoff (VF: Alexandre Gillet): Donald Ressler (since season 1)
Amir Arison (VF: Laurent Larcher): Aram Mojtabai (recurring season 1, main since season 2)
Harry Lennix (VF: Thierry Desroses): Harold Cooper (since season 1)
Hisham Tawfiq (VF: Frantz Confiac): Dembe Zuma (recurring seasons 1 and 2, main since season 3

Former US Navy officer who left everything to create a criminal empire after selling information to the enemy, Raymond Reddington surfaced more than twenty years later at the headquarters of the FBI, which stalks the latter – he is on the list of ten fugitives of the Federal Agency – where he engages without resistance.While the deputy director of the FBI, Harold Cooper, interrogates him on the reasons for his return, he reveals that an alleged dead terrorist will kidnap the daughter of a high-ranking American military officer. In return for his help, Reddington demands to speak only to a certain Elizabeth Keen
The latter, married to Tom, a teacher, is a young profiler who will start at the FBI the same day. On their first encounter, Reddington seems to know everything about the young woman.After a stormy beginning, notably marked by the attack of Tom by the terrorist and the abduction of the military girl, the association between Keen and Reddington, assisted by agent Donald Ressler, is bearing fruit as they manage to understand the reasons for the kidnapping and neutralize the terrorist. After this first case, Reddington reveals to Cooper that this is only the first name on his list of criminals unknown to the police. Keen discovered, while cleaning her husband’s blood, a hatch on the floor where is a box containing passports with Tom’s photo, money and a gun.
Shortly thereafter, a special unit headed by Cooper, unofficial and under the control of the Department of Justice, was created to track down criminals on Reddington’s list, who, thanks to his conditions, remained free of his movements: With the exception of Keen and Ressler, a CIA agent, Meera Malik, joined later by Aram Mojtabai, an FBI computer scientist. Reddington hires two trusted individuals, Dembe and Luli, who will later be killed by a criminal on the list, after Diane Fowler, head of the Department of Justice’s criminal division, ordered a leak to the attack on the headquarters of the FBI task force. Reddington kills Fowler in retaliation. While taking care of the cases brought by Reddington, Liz will discover that her husband is not who he is and that he was hired to monitor her in order to hunt down Reddington, who reveals some elements of his life without revealing too much, especially that he knows his adoptive father.

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