Star Trek Discovery (TV Series)

Star Trek Discovery (TV Series)

Star Trek Discovery is an American science fiction television series created by Bryan Fuller and Alex Kurtzman. This is the 6th series in real shot of the universe Star Trek, the previous one, Star Trek: Enterprise, having ceased in 2005. It takes about ten years before the original series and introduces new characters, which are not related to the 2016 movie, Star Trek: Sans limites.

The series launched on September 24, 2017 on the CBS network, with the following episodes being broadcast in the United States on its CBS All Access video-on-demand service. CBS Studios International has awarded broadcasting rights to Bell Media in Canada and Netflix in 188 other countries (including France). In Canada, the first episode was broadcast simultaneously with the American broadcast on CTV and Space (in English) and on Z (in French). The following episodes are shown on the specialty channel Space and Z, as well as on the video-on-demand service CraveTV. In other countries, Netflix makes episodes available on demand 24 hours after their first broadcast in the United States.5

The series is renewed for a third season on February 27, 2019, with producer and screenwriter Michelle Paradise becoming co-author-producer alongside Alex Kurtzman

Original Title                Star Trek: Discovery
Genre                            Sci-Fi TV series
Creation                       Bryan Fuller, Alex Kurtzman
Production                  Geoffrey Hemwall, April Nocifora, Aaron Baiers, Jill Danton, Rod Roddenberry
Main actors                Sonequa Martin-Green, Jason Isaacs, Doug Jones, Michelle Yeoh,
Music                          Jeff Russo, Alexander Courage (original theme)
Country of origin        US flag United States
Original chain             CBS All Access
Nb. of seasons         2
Nb. of episodes       28 
Duration                    43 minutes
Original broadcast  Sept 2017 – in production
Website                    Official website on CBS
Official website on Netflix

Main actors

Sonequa Martin-Green (VF: Olivia Luccioni): Commander Michael Burnham
Doug Jones (VF: Jean-Pol Brissart): Commander Saru, second in command of Discovery
Shazad Latif (en) (VF: Benjamin Pascal): Lieutenant Ash Tyler
Anthony Rapp (VF: Vincent Ropion): Lieutenant, then Lieutenant Commander Paul Stamets
Mary Wiseman (VF: Edwige Lemoine): Cadet, then Ensign Sylvia Tilly
Wilson Cruz (VF: Jérôme Berthoud): Dr Hugh Culber (recurring season 1, main season 2)
Anson Mount (VF: Laurent Mantel): Christopher Pike, captain of the Enterprise, then of the Discovery
Former main actors
Jason Isaacs (VF: Bernard Gabay): Gabriel Lorca, Discovery Captain

Recurring players

Michelle Yeoh (VF: Ivana Coppola): Philippa Georgiou, USS Shenzhou captain
Jayne Brook: Katrina Cornwell, Vice Admiral of Starfleet
James Frain (VF: Pierre Tessier): Sarek, Vulcan ambassador to the Federation and father of Spock and Michael Burnham
Emily Coutts (VF: Maëlle Genet): Keyla Detmer
Rainn Wilson (VF: Bruno Magne): Harry Mudd
Ethan Peck (VF: Sylvain Agaësse): Spock (Season 2)
Rebecca Romijn: Number One (in) (season 2)
Tig Notaro (VF: Véronique Augereau): Jet Reno (Season 2)


Mia Kirshner (VF: Caroline Victoria): Amanda Grayson
Conrad Coates (en): Terral, a Vulcan admiral of Starfleet
Sam Vartholomeos (en) (VF: Sébastien boju): Connor, a junior officer of the Starfleet Academy, assigned to Shenzhou
Chris Obi (en) (VF: Jean-Michel Martial): T’Kuvma, a Klingon leader
Mary Chieffo (en): The Rell, a Klingon leader

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