Shrek 2.

Shrek 2.

Shrek 2 is a synthetic images film by Andrew Adamson, Kelly Asbury and Conrad Vernon, sequel to Shrek, which was an adaptation of William Steig’s fairy tale, by DreamWorks SKG in 2004.
Shrek is an ogre, recently married to Fiona, a princess who was born to human parents but whose appearance is that of an ogress because of a curse. They are both invited to receive the blessing of Fiona’s parents, King Harold and Queen Lilian of the far-flung kingdom, to which the Soul is invited
They travel more than a thousand kilometers to get to the kingdom. Fiona’s father does not accept that his son-in-law is an ogre. He’s trying to get the Puss Puss to murder him. But as he faces the ogre, he realizes that Shrek is not an enemy and joins him in seeking forgiveness. To solve the problem, Shrek steals a potion that gives him and Fiona the human appearance. To seal the spell, he has to kiss Fiona by midnight.However, Fairy Godmother would like her son, Prince Charming, to become the prince instead of Shrek. She’s holding Shrek before he can see Fiona, and Charmant pretends to be Shrek turned human by Fiona. As a witness to the deception, Harold lets go, but notes his daughter’s strong attachment to the real Shrek

In the swamp, the band of fairy tales, led by Titbiscuit and Pinocchio, learn through the magic mirror that Shrek and Donkey are in serious trouble. They managed to free Shrek, who later solicited Tibiscuit to create a giant gingerbread man, Cake-Kong, to break into the castle and expose the deception. Even though he was quickly killed by the guards, Cake-Kong fulfilled his mission, allowing Shrek and the gang to finish off the Godmother. Shrek offers Fiona to seal the spell, but she prefers them to take back their ogre appearance. King Harold finally gave his blessing to the newlyweds
Shrek 2 was one of the biggest hits in the history of cinema, indeed, from the moment it was released, the film became the eighth biggest hit in history, and the first biggest hit for an animated film thus beating The World of Nemo, To date, it is the 29th most profitable film in cinema and the 6th most profitable film in animation. The film made a name for itself by beating several records at the box office


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