Saturn Awards

Saturn Awards

The Saturn Awards are American film and television awards awarded by the Academy of Science Fiction Fantasy and Horror Films (Academy of Science Fiction Fantasy and Horror Films) since 1973 to films or television programmes in the genres of science fiction, fantasy and horror.

Created by Donald A. Reed, founder of the Count Dracula Society, the first awards were presented by actor William Shatner on May 18, 1973 under the name Golden Scroll, before being renamed Saturn Award in 1978.

Like the Oscars, the Saturn Awards of a given year are awarded at the beginning of the following year. For example, the 36th Saturn Awards (or Saturn Awards 2010) were awarded for films and series broadcast in 2009.

Exceptionally, there were no ceremonies in 1974 and 1989. The ceremonies of 1975 and 1991 rewarded respectively the films released in 1973-74 and 1989-90, the one of 1990 the films of 1988. The statuette awarded to the winners represents the planet Saturn.


Best science fiction film (since 1973)
Best fantasy film (since 1975)
Best horror film (since 1973)
Best action or adventure film (since 1995) (It used to include thrillers.)
Saturn Award for best thriller (since 2014)
Best animated film (1979, 1983 and since 2003)
Best international film (1980 to 1983 and since 2007)
Best actor (since 1976)
Best actress (since 1976)
Best actor in a second role (since 1976)
Best supporting actress (since 1976)
Best young actor or actress (since 1985)


Series and TV films
Best Series – National Networks (since 1990)
Best series – Cable or syndication (since 1997)
Best TV movie (since 1995)
Best actor (since 1997)
Best actress (since 1997)
Best actor in a second role (since 2000)
Best supporting actress (since 2000)
Best Guest Artist (since 2009)

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