Razzie Awards : The Golden Raspberry Awards

Razzie Awards : The Golden Raspberry Awards

The Golden Raspberry Awards, often shortened to razzie awards, are a parody of movie awards created by John J. B. Wilson in 1981 to take the counterbalancethe Oscars, each year distinguishing the worst actors, screenwriters, musicians, directors and films produced by the film industry.
Voters are members of the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation (en). Traditionally, nominations for the Razzies are announced one day before the Oscars, and awards are also awarded the day before the Oscars ceremony.

Over the years, the razzie awards have awarded three types of awards.

Razzie Award
The most famous award. It usually comes in the form of a raspberry placed on a reel of Super 8 film, all painted in golden yellow and worth about 5 dollars. It was awarded for the first time in 1981 to Stanley Kubrick (razzie Award of the worst director for Shining released the previous year)

Worst Career Achievement Award
The award was awarded from 1981 to 1987 to recognize the most career-threatening personalities. Filmmaker Uwe Boll also received it in 2009.

Governor’s Award
It is a special distinction, awarded by John Wilson to anyone whose counter-performance does not correspond to any category of Razzies. She was awarded in 2003 to Travis Payne (en) for her “particularly poor choreography” in the film From Justin to Kelly.


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