Paddington is a Franco-British comedy directed by Paul King that mixes animation and live footage, released in 2014.
It is an adaptation of the adventures of the Paddington Bear, written by the English author Michael Bond.
A 1960s explorer explores the great forests of Peru and discovers a new species of brown bear. He befriended a couple of bears, whom he named Pastuzo and Lucy, and taught them to make marmalade. Years later, Pastuzo and Lucy had happy days with their nephew. During an earthquake, a tree falls on Pastuzo and crushes it. Lucy and her nephew cross the forest to the port. Over there, the little bear is smuggling on a freighter to London. Her aunt stays in Peru and moves into a bear retirement home where she will be safe. Then the bear arrives at Paddington station and is picked up by the Brown family (in theory for a single night). She calls him Paddington

Technical file :
Original title: Paddington
Director: Paul King
Screenplay: Paul King et Hamish McColl, 
Editing: Mark Everson
Budget: $55,000,000 
Production company: Heyday Films, Studiocanal and DHX Media
Distribution: Studiocanal (France), The Weinstein Company (USA)
Language of origin: English
Gender: Comedy, animation
Country of origin: France, United Kingdom


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