Missing Link 2019

Missing Link 2019

Missing Link is an American animated film directed by Chris Butler, released in 2019.

Sir Lionel Frost, an English gentleman, once again misses his chance to enter the club of adventurers and explorers of London by destroying his camera containing a photo of Nessie. On his return, he receives a mysterious letter offering to meet a Sasquatch. Intoxicated by this news he spends a bet with Lord Piggot-Dunceb, if he brings back proof of the existence of Sasquatch he will be admitted to the club.

He went to Alaska or he met the author of the letter, the Sasquatch in question, whom Sir Lionel named him M. Link (or M. salut chaînon in Quebec) and who wishes to go to the Himalayas to find his own and accompanied by the ancient flame of Sir Lionel, Adelina Fortnight.

For his part, Lord Piggot-Dunceb makes sure not to lose his bet and hires a hired killer to prevent Frost from succeeding.

Original title: Missing Link
Director: Chris Butler
Screenplay: Chris Butler
Set design: Nelson Lowry
Costumes: Deborah Cook
Animation: Alex Angelis and Brad Schiff
Photography: Chris Peterson
Editing: Stephen Perkins
Music: Carter Burwell
Producers: Arianne Sutner and Travis Knight
Production: Laika and Annapurna Pictures
Distribution: Metropolitan filmexport
Distribution in Quebec: Entract Films
Country of origin: United States flag
Genre: Animation
Duration: 1h 34min – 94 minutes
Dates of exit:
Russia: 4 April 2019
Belgium: 10 April 2019
United States: April 12, 2019
Quebec City: April 12, 2019
France: 17 April 2019

Original Voices
Zach Galifianakis: Mr Link/ Susan
Hugh Jackman: Lionel Frost
Zoe Saldana: Adelina Fortnight
Stephen Fry: Lord Piggot-Dunceb
Timothy Olyphant: Willard Stenk
Emma Thompson: The Elder
Matt Lucas: M. Collick
Amrita Acharia: Ama Lhamu, a mountain guide
David Walliams: Mr. Lemuel Lint
Ching Valdez-Aran: Gamu


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