Chris Evans.

Chris Evans.

Chris Evans is an American actor, born June 13, 1981 in Sudbury, Massachusetts.
He is mainly known for the role of Steve Rogers/ Captain America that he held from 2011 in the Marvel movie world. He had previously played another Marvel hero, Johnny Storm/ The Human Torch inThe Fantastic Four and its sequel
Bioghraphy :
The son of Bob and Lisa Evans, a dentist and former dancer, Chris Evans is the second of four children. He has an older sister, Carly, a younger brother, Scott, and a little sister named Shanna, adopted as a baby. After a childhood and schooling in Boston, he decided to leave for New York to try his luck in comedy. He soon managed to break into the business, notably in television series (Boston Public, opposite Sex) and in a TV movie: Eastwick, adapted from the novel and the film Les Sorcières d’Eastwick.

It was in 2001, after dropping out of school to become a lifeguard, that Chris Evans reveals himself to the general public, with the main role of the teen comedy Sex Academy. The actor then takes advantage of his newborn fame to persevere in the seventh art and diversify the genres: he accompanies a young Scarlett Johansson in the romantic comedy The Perfect Notes (2004), gives the replica to Kim Basinger in the thriller Cellular, and is revealed to the general public by embodying the Human Torch in the super-production The Fantastic Four (2005)
This exhibition allows him to be one of the young actors of various origins chosen by Danny Boyle for his epic science fiction Sunshine. If the first feature film gives him the opportunity to play with fire again, by going to explore the sun, he offers him above all the first critical success of his career. The actor continues parallel in the adaptations of comics by lending his voice to the character of Casey Jones in the fourth adventure of the Turtles Ninjas, then taking up his role as a fiery superhero in The Fantastic Four and the Silver Surfer


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