Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is an American television series created by Dan Goor and Michael Schur, aired between September 17, 20131 and May 20, 2018 on the Fox network and since January 10, 2019 on the NBC network. In Canada, it is broadcast simultaneously on Citytv2. In France, this series is broadcast in subtitled version since October 1, 2013 on Canal+ Séries3, in version dubbed since 25 April 2014 on this same chain4 and since 12 June 2015 on France 45 and France Ô since 15 May 2017; it is also available on Netflix. In Switzerland, it has been broadcast since February 15, 2015 on RTS Un6. In Quebec, it is exclusively available on Netflix. However, in French, it remains unprecedented in other French-speaking countries.

For its first season, the series wins in 2014 the Golden Globe of the best musical or comic television series to the surprise of some commentators
Brooklyn Nine-Nine recounts the life of a police station in Brooklyn, New York.Like the slogan in the series, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine: the Law without the Order”, a satire by Law and Order., the various characters of the component are endowed with very marked or even extravagant characters, thus making harmony in the offices difficult.The arrival of a new captain, cold and strict, only reinforces this attitude.


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