Alphas (TV Series)

Alphas (TV Series)

Alphas is a 25-minute American television series created by Michael Karnow and Zak Penn, which aired simultaneously between July 11, 2011 and October 22, 2012 on Syfy in the United States and on Space in Canada.

In France, the series has been broadcast since February 21, 2012 on Syfy Universal and from January 3, 2014 on NRJ 12 and in Quebec, since October 1, 2012 on Addiktv
Individuals with extraordinary neurological abilities, the Alphas, are recruited by a secret section of the government, the DCIS (“Defense Crime Investigative Service”). to work for the well-being of society and to stop the ill-intentioned Alphas…

Their main enemy is the terrorist group “Red Flag”, which is campaigning for the recognition and independence of the Alphas. They use murder and assassination to get what they want.

Main actors
David Strathairn: Dr. Lee Rosen
Ryan Cartwright: Gary Bell
Warren Christie: Cameron Hicks
Azita Ghanizada: Rachel Pirzad
Laura Mennell: Nina Theroux
Malik Yoba : Bill Harken
Erin Way: Kat (main season 2)

The project started in September 2007 under the title Section 8, presented to the ABC network who committed to order six episodes for a possible broadcast in the middle of the season with the series Lost: Les Disparus. The series was in pre-production but the November 2007 Writers Guild of America strike altered plans. After the strike, a dispute between the producers and ABC over the special effects elements resulted in ABC abandoning the project. The project was re-developed and presented to the Syfy channel.

On August 5, 2009, the channel commissioned a pilot for the project. Michael Karnow and Zak Penn wrote the script and Jack Bender was in production. Gail Berman and Lloyd Braun (en) were the executive producers throughout the series.

After a successful pilot launch on 8 December 2010, Syfy announced the commissioning of the series for twelve episodes with a broadcast in summer 2011. On January 16, 2013, Syfy cancelled the series

The main roles were distributed in this order: Ryan Cartwright, David Strathairn, Warren Christie, Malik Yoba and Laura Mennell, Azita Ghanizada (en).

On March 30, 2012, Erin Way (en) joined the main distribution for the second season. For the recurring roles, in August 2011, two additional players were chosen. They are the actress Summer Glau (seen in Terminator: The Chronicles of Sarah Connor) and the actor Garret Dillahunt (also seen in Terminator: The Chronicles of Sarah Connor, Raising Hope).

Six actors, Sean Astin, C. Thomas Howell, Lauren Holly, Steve Byers, Kandyse McClure and Noah Reid, will appear the time of an episode during the second season but also John Pyper-Ferguson, Kathleen Munroe and Summer Glau to resume their roles in the first season


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